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We had an amazing 5 course meal at VC Gourmet's fine dinning night. They host this event once a month and it is worth the price. Each course was paired with tine from Lorenzi Estates which went great with meal being served.

The Erns lab project video review

What comes to mind when you hear the words gourmet and Inland Empire?  There's not too many places that label themselves as gourmet and for good reason.  The IE is host to many really good restaurants, steak houses and trendy gastropubs but not many that really qualify as a gourmet eatery. VC Gourmet fits the bill! While visually it's not exactly what comes to mind when thinking gourmet or fine dining, the food is exquisite...

Inland Empire Explorer Stopped by!

Join Inland Empire Explorer host, Joel Greene as he learns about a local gourmet shop in Highland. A from scratch kitchen that offers an array of small plates, salads, soups, entrées, pastries, and of course a deli case full of gourmet foods from their kitchen and imported from abroad. VC Gourmet is a true Delicatessen that offers dine-in, take out and catering services. 

Review in the October 2017 Issue of Inland Empire Magazine

Review in the October 2017 Issue of Inland Empire Magazine


Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell

Season 2, Episode 2 • Italian Empire

Tuscan Kitchen, in Salem, N.H., is a massive restaurant looking for an executive chef who can handle volume while maintaining a dedication to scratch cooking. Chef Anne Burrell brings in four candidates, who are tested on their Italian cuisine skills and knowledge. The final two chefs are each handed the keys to the restaurant for a dinner service: One chef must dig their way out of a bad start, while the other struggles with consistency.


CATERINA’S CLUB KFI 640AM PastaThon 2017

In 2005, Bruno and his mother, Caterina, visited the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim down the street from his restaurant (Anaheim White House), where his mother noticed that there was a 6-year old boy eating potato chips for dinner, because his family couldn’t afford a proper meal. Caterina insisted that Bruno make some pasta for the child. They soon realized that there were many more of these hungry ‘motel children’, so Bruno began making pasta for 72 children, 5 nights a week, giving birth to our program “Feeding the Kids in America”. Today, that event has expanded to feeding nearly 1,200 children, 5 nights a week. VC Gourmet has been designated as an alternative drop off location for this Holiday Season! We will announce very soon when we will begin collecting donations.

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