Caponi Tagliatelle Pasta


Caponi Tagliatelle Pasta


Mixture of durum wheat semolina of superior quality and fresh eggs.

Packaging: 250 g
Cooking: 2/3 minutes
Dressing: they are defined as the queens because they are very good with any sauce.


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The Pastificio Caponi is a Tuscan pasta factory, headed by Alessandro Tagliagambe. The factory produces dried egg pasta, making a meticulous research of raw materials of the highest quality. To make our pasta we use only the durum wheat flour and fresh eggs. The drying is the most important phase of the production process and it distinguishes the Pastificio Caponi from the other pasta factory, in fact it takes a very long time and a room temperature. This permits to us not to alter the organoleptic quality of the dough.

Daily production: about 200 Kg

The Pastificio Caponi pursues a processing cycle as close as possible to that ancient tradition of making pasta that was an excellent dowry of old Italian housewives, so we don't produce in industrial quantities and it is for that reason that our products are intended for a customer niche, lover of good taste and Italian culinary traditions.


Our purpose is to continue the tradition that characterizes our production cycle but with a modern twist, through innovative design and eye-catching packaging.