La Veronese White Polenta


La Veronese White Polenta


Directly from the tradition of Veneto and Lombardy we serve the delicacy of white polenta excellent with fish’s dishes respecting the taste and aroma enhancing fine.

All the flavor of authenticity is enclosed in these flours, for selected raw material and vocation in the art of milling. We offer to the consumer a tasty and of the highest quality that will meet the expectations of a genuine food and healthy, true to tradition, good, non-allergenic and gluten free.


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Artisans in sensitivity, innovators in technology

It is, as always, with passion and commitment that we form strong relations with dedicated suppliers and develop gluten-free products, certain to offer our customers a dynamic and accurate service.

Our history joins tradition and modernity, the two souls of the company. Since 1930 we are dedicated to the production of corn flourand to the rice sale, maintaining an artisan sensitivity for the work and for the relationships with the subjects coming before and after us in the supply chain. In the same time we chose to be innovators of both the product and the technology used to obtain it, looking for a constant improvement. La Veronese comes from the past, but it is led by a modern generation of millers, whose idea of company on the one hand is the sharing with the suppliers, on the other hand is the ability to fulfill the new needs of every client in a dynamic way.

Now we produce only organic gluten free flours, or flours made by different varieties of conventional growing. We produce flours for celiacs and food intolerances, for the industry, the dealers and the private clients.

Gluten Free

The whole production of our company is gluten free oriented, to meet the needs of a growing market that demands certainties.

Every year the number of children and adults who discover to suffer from celiac disease grows of the 10% only in Italy, without taking into consideration the many people with different degrees of gluten sensitivity. For this reason and attentive to the needs of clients, we have decided to address all the production technology, the organizational philosophy and the strict quality controls on the company and the whole production chain to the offer of gluten free products.

We have further developed our knowledge and enhanced the long experience in corn and rice milling, not only to obtain products appetizing for all the people, but also useful to the food processing companies.